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Ms. P A Sharon has in the past shared her experience at practice primarily in Clinical Negligence, Tort of Trespass, Breach of Confidence, Medical Product Liability and Criminal Law in specific to Medical Law like Poisons Act, Suicide, Abortion, and Rape.

Sample of the events are as follows:


Kelantan - Hospital Universiti Sains Kubang Kerian – Clinical Negligence.

Kuala Lumpur- Conference on Medicine & The Law- The Necessities, Conflicts, and Liabilities.

Malacca General Hospital-Ophthalmologist as an Administrator Seminar.

Kuala Lumpur -Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia-Annual Conference – Recent Medico Legal Cases.

Melaka-Kursus Keizinan bagi Tujuan Rawatan-Unit Mediko Legal & Rekod Perubatan Hospital Melaka.

Melaka-Seminar Dewan Bedah Hospital Melaka.

Medico Legal Society of Malaysia Conference

Healthcare Excellence Management

Hospital Putra Malacca

BFM Radio

Universiti Utara Malaysia- ALSA Seminar




MLSM Conference

APHM Conference

Singapore- Medico-Legal Conference by Crimson Logic

Hospital Ampang-One Stop Crisis Centre

UITM- Puncak Alam

Nursing Conference 2015




BFM Radio

UKM- Physician and Medico- Legal

Tzu Ching Society Seminar for Medical Students

MLSM & MLSS Joint Seminar 2016

UITM-Hospital Administrators Seminar

UKM- Law School

Medico Legal Society of Malaysia Conference 2017

Medical Law Conference by My Seminars

Selangor Bar Committee - Medical Law



Publication-Recent Changes in Medical Law-Malaysian Context

UKM - Ethics & Advanced Communication Skills in Primary Care-Post Graduate Trainees

8th Malaysian Scientific Meeting 2017- Medical Negligence - The Changing Landscape of Medical Law

2017 Malaysian Insurance Institute- International Claim Convention-Managing Claims Experience

BFM  Radio- Withhold and withdraw treatment

2017 APHM & MLSM Joint Conference - EMR or Handwritten Medical Records

MOH - Expert Witness Training 2017 - Expert Witness Code of Conduct & Role of Medical Expert

Penang Bar Committee - Medical Law - Recent Changes

My Seminars- Conference 2017

MII- Legal Action against Hospital

Bar Council - Medical Law Recent Changes

Monash University - Retail Pharmacist & The Law

BFM Radio- Defensive Medical Practice



Penang Bar Committee-Medical Law -Procedure & Pleading

Healthcare Workshop -KL

Healthcare Workshop - Kuching

Nurses & Medico-Legal - Malacca

Nurses Rights: Legal Aspects & Litigation in Nursing

MOH - Expert Witness Training 2018 - Expert Report

Nursing Conference Malacca - From Manslaughter to Mismanagement - What you need to know

21st Family Medicine Scientific Conference 2018 Ipoh - Medical Indemnity 

My Seminars Conference 2018

Bar Council CPD Camp- Basic Medical Law

1st FPMPAM Malaysian Healthcare Conference 2018 - Informed Consent

Nurses' Rights: Legal Aspects & Litigation in Nursing 2.0

Hospital KL - Seminar Perawatan Perioperatif & CSSU 2018

Litigation in Nursing Profession - Institut Kanser Negara 

UKM's 2nd Malaysian Advances in Women's Health Congress  2018 - Medico-Legal Forum - Social Media & Medical Practice



UKM's Ethics and Communication Skills Workshop in Primary Care - Ethics in Medical Practice

1st National Medical & Dental Advisory Committee Seminar - Medico-Legal Issues and Medical Indemnity

Malacca - National Nursing Conference Nurses & Law

Sabah Medico-Legal Conference - Mental Health Claim in Medico-Legal Cases, Patient Confidentiality in the era of technology & Cases

Selangor Bar - 2nd Medico-Legal Seminar - Pleading your Client's case


BFM Radio - Legal Limits of Doula in Malaysia



College of Pathologist Malaysia - Guidelines for Retention of Medical Records

Selangor Medico-Legal  Clinical Ethic Conference 2022 - 'Online Defamation and Doctors'






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